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Hymn 21

John Newton


The storm hushed.


’Tis past—the dreadful stormy night

Is gone, with all its fears!

And now I see returning light,

The Lord, my Sun, appears.

The tempter, who but lately said,

I soon shall be his prey;

Has heard my Savior’s voice and fled

With shame and grief away.

Ah, LORD, since thou didst hide thy face,

What has my soul endured?

But now ’tis past, I feel thy grace,

And all my wounds are cured!

O wondrous change! but just before

Despair beset me round;

I heard the lion’s horrid roar,

And trembled at the sound.

Before corruption, guilt and fear,

My comfort blasted fell;

And unbelief discovered near

The dreadful depths of hell.

But JESUS pitied my distress,

He heard my feeble cry;

Revealed his blood and righteousness,

And brought salvation nigh.

Beneath the banner of his love,

I now secure remain;

The tempter frets, but dares not move

To break my peace again.

LORD, since thou thus hast broke my bands,

And set the captive free;

I would devote my tongue, my hands,

My heart, my all to thee.

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