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John Damascene, 780

στερεωσον με, Χριστε.

Catavasia. “Come, and let us drink of that New River.” (p. 97.)

“On the rock of Thy commandments

“Fix me firmly, lest I slide:

“With the glory of Thy Presence

“Cover me on every side;

”Seeing none save Thee is holy,

“GOD, for ever glorified!”

New immortal out of mortal,

New existence out of old:

This the Cross of CHRIST accomplished,

This the Prophets had foretold:

So that we thus newly quickened,

Might attain the heavenly fold.


Thou Who comprehendest all things,

Comprehended by the tomb,

Gav’st Thy body to the graveclothes

And the silence and the gloom:

Till through fast-closed doors Thou camest

Thy Disciples to illume.

Every nail-print, every buffet,

Thou didst freely undergo,

As Thy Resurrection’s witness

To the Twelve Thou cam’st to show:

So that what they saw in vision,

Future years by faith might know.

[No. 3 in Mr. Sedding’s book.]

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