–1. The brother of Herod Antipas and the husband of Herodias Mt 14:3; Mr 6:17; Lu 3:19

–2. Tetrarch of Iturea Lu 3:1

–3. One of the seven servants (Greek: diakonos) Ac 6:5

.Successfully preaches in Samaria Ac 8:4-14

.Expounds the Scriptures to the Ethiopian eunuch whom he immerses Ac 8:27-38

.Caught away by the Spirit to Azotus, preaches in the cities, and goes to Caesarea Ac 8:39,40

.Lives at Caesarea, and entertains Paul Ac 21:8

.Has four daughters (prophetesses) Ac 21:9,10

–4. One of the twelve apostles Mt 10:3; Mr 3:18; Lu 6:14; Ac 1:13

.Call of Joh 1:43

.Brings Nathanael to Jesus Joh 1:45-50

.Assists in caring for the multitude whom Jesus miraculously feeds Joh 6:5-7

.Brings certain Greeks to Jesus who desire to see him Joh 12:20-22

.Asks Jesus to show the Father Joh 14:8-13

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