–General scriptures concerning Ge 6:3; Ex 20:12; 1Ki 3:11-14; Job 5:26; Ps 21:4; 34:11-13; 90:10; 91:16; Pr 3:1,2,16; 9:11; 10:27; Isa 65:20; 1Pe 3:10,11



.Adam, nine-hundred and thirty years Ge 5:5

.Seth, nine-hundred and twelve years Ge 5:8

.Enos, nine-hundred and five years Ge 5:11

.Cainan, nine-hundred and ten years Ge 5:14

.Mahalaleel, eight-hundred and ninety-five years Ge 5:17

.Jared, nine-hundred and sixty-two years Ge 5:20

.Enoch, three-hundred and sixty-five years Ge 5:23

.Methuselah, nine-hundred and sixty-nine years Ge 5:27

.Lamech, seven-hundred and seventy-seven years Ge 5:31

.Noah, nine-hundred and fifty years Ge 9:29

.Shem, six-hundred years Ge 11:10,11

.Arphaxad, four-hundred and thirty-eight years Ge 11:12,13

.Salah, four-hundred and thirty-three years Ge 11:14,15

.Eber, four-hundred and sixty-four years Ge 11:16,17

.Peleg, two-hundred and thirty-nine years Ge 11:18,19

.Reu, two-hundred and thirty-nine years Ge 11:20,21

.Serug, two-hundred and thirty years Ge 11:22,23

.Nahor, one-hundred and forty-eight years Ge 11:24,25

.Terah, two-hundred and five years Ge 11:32

.Job, “lived one-hundred and forty years” after his ordeal, and then “he died at a very great age,” Job 42:16,17

.Sarah, one-hundred and twenty-seven years Ge 23:1

.Abraham, one-hundred and seventy-five years Ge 25:7

.Isaac, one-hundred and eighty years Ge 35:28

.Jacob, one-hundred and forty-seven years Ge 47:28

.Joseph, one-hundred and ten years Ge 50:26

.Amram, one-hundred and thirty-seven years Ex 6:20

.Aaron, one-hundred and twenty-three years Nu 33:39

.Moses, one-hundred and twenty years De 31:2; 34:7

.Joshua, one-hundred and ten years Jos 24:29

.Eli, ninety-eight years 1Sa 4:15

.Barzillai, eighty years 2Sa 19:32

.Jehoiada, one-hundred and thirty years 2Ch 24:15

.Anna, older than eighty-four years Lu 2:36,37

.Paul, “the aged one” Phm 1:9

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