–1. Son of Jacob Ge 30:24

.Personal appearance of Ge 39:6

.His father’s favorite child Ge 33:2; 37:3,4,35; 48:22; 1Ch 5:2; Joh 4:5

.His father’s partiality for, excites the jealousy of his brethren Ge 37:4,11,18-28; Ps 105:17; Ac 7:9

.His prophetic dreams of his fortunes in Egypt Ge 37:5-11

.Sold as a slave into Egypt Ge 37:27,28

.Is falsely reported to his father as killed by wild beasts Ge 37:29-35

.Is bought by Potiphar, an officer (LXX has “eunuch”) of Pharaoh Ge 37:36

.Is prospered of God Ge 39:2-5,21,23

.Is falsely accused, and thrown into prison; is delivered by the friendship of another prisoner Ge 39; 40; Ps 105:18

.Is an interpreter of dreams

.Of the two prisoners Ge 40:5-23

.Of Pharaoh Ge 41:1-37

.His name is changed to Zaphnath-paaneah Ge 41:11

.Is promoted to authority next to Pharaoh at thirty years of age Ge 41:37-46; Ps 105:19-22

.Marries the daughter of the priest of On Ge 41:45

.Provides against the seven years of famine Ge 41:46-57

.Exports the produce of Egypt to other countries Ge 41:57

.Sells the stores of food to the people of Egypt, exacting from them all their money, flocks and herds, lands and lives Ge 47:13-26

.Exempts the priests from the exactions Ge 47:22,26

.His father sends down into Egypt to buy corn (grain) Ge 42; 43; 44

.Reveals himself to his brothers; sends for his father; provides the land of Goshen for his people; and sustains them during the famine Ge 45; 46; 47:1-12

.His two sons Ge 41:50,52



.Mourns the death of his father Ge 50:1-14

.Exacts a pledge from his brothers to convey his remains to Canaan Ge 50:2,4,25; Heb 11:22; with Ex 13:19; Jos 24:32; Ac 7:16

.Death of Ge 50:22-26

.Kindness of heart Ge 40:7,8

.Joseph’s integrity Ge 39:7-12

.His humility Ge 41:16; 45:7-9

.His wisdom Ge 41:33-57

.His piety Ge 41:51

.His faith Ge 45:5-8

.Was a prophet Ge 41:38,39; 50:25; Ex 13:19

.God’s providence with Ge 39:2-5; Ps 105:17-22

.His sons jointly called JOSEPH De 33:13-17

.Descendants of Ge 46:20; Nu 26:28-37

–2. Father of Igal, the spy Nu 13:7

–3. Of the sons of Asaph 1Ch 25:2,9

–4. A returned exile Ezr 10:42

–5. A priest Ne 12:14

–6. Husband of Mary Mt 13:55; Mr 6:3; Mt 1:18-25; Lu 1:27

.His genealogy Mt 1:1-16; Lu 3:23-38

.An angel appears and testifies to the innocence of his betrothed Mt 1:19-24

.Lives at Nazareth Lu 2:4

.Belongs to the town of Bethlehem Lu 2:4

.Goes to Bethlehem to be enrolled Lu 2:1-4

.Jesus born to Mt 1:25; Lu 2:7

.Presents Jesus in the temple Lu 2:22-39

.Returns to Nazareth Lu 2:39

.Warned in a dream to escape to Egypt in order to save the infant’s life Mt 2:13-15

.Warned in a dream to return to Nazareth Mt 2:19-23

.Attends the annual feast at Jerusalem with his family Lu 2:42-51

–7. Of Arimathaea

.Begs for the body of Jesus for burial in his own tomb Mt 27:57-60; Mr 15:42-47; Lu 23:50-56; Joh 19:38-42

–8. Three ancestors of Joseph Lu 3:24,26,30

–9. Also called BARSABAS, surnamed JUSTUS

.One of the two persons nominated in place of Judas Ac 1:21,22,23

–10. A designation of the ten tribes of Israel Am 5:6

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