–1. A prophet in the time of Rehoboam

.Prevents Rehoboam from war with Jeroboam 1Ki 12:22-24; 2Ch 11:2-4

.Prophesies the punishment of Rehoboam by Shishak, king of Egypt 2Ch 12:5,7

.Writes chronicles 2Ch 12:15

–2. A descendant of David 1Ch 3:22

–3. A Simeonite 1Ch 4:37

–4. Son of Joel 1Ch 5:4

.Called SHEMA 1Ch 5:8

–5. A Merarite 1Ch 9:14

.In charge of the business of the temple during the time of Nehemiah Ne 11:15,16

–6. Son of Galal 1Ch 9:16

.Called SHEMMUA Ne 11:17

–7. A chief Levite during the time of David; assisted in moving the ark of the covenant from the house of Obed-edom 1Ch 15:8,11

–8. A Levite who assisted in the divisions (shifts) of the priests 1Ch 24:6

–9. A porter of the temple during the time of David 1Ch 26:4,6,7

–10. A Levite sent by Jehoshaphat to instruct the people in the law 2Ch 17:8

–11. A Levite, son of Jeduthun 2Ch 29:14

–12. A Levite 2Ch 31:15

–13. A Levite who contributed largely for Passover sacrifices 2Ch 35:9

–14. A Jew who returned from Babylon with Ezra Ezr 8:13

–15. A chief man with Ezra Ezr 8:16

–16. A priest who put away (divorced) his Gentile wife Ezr 10:21

–17. An Israelite who put away (divorced) his Gentile wife Ezr 10:31

–18. Keeper of the east gate of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah Ne 3:29

–19. A false prophet in the time of Nehemiah Ne 6:10

–20. A priest who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah Ne 10:8

–21. A priest with Zerubbabel Ne 12:6,18

–22. A priest Ne 12:35

–23. The name of three men who celebrated the dedication of the new wall of Jerusalem Ne 12:34,36,42

–24. Father of the prophet Urijah Jer 26:20

–25. A false prophet Jer 29:24-32

–26. Father of Delaiah Jer 36:12

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