–1. A city of the Hivites Jos 9:3,17; 2Sa 21:2

.The people of, adroitly draw Joshua into a treaty Jos 9

.Made servants by the Israelites, when their sharp practice was discovered Jos 9:27

.The sun stands still over, during Joshua’s battle with the five confederated kings Jos 10:12-14

.Allotted to Benjamin Jos 18:25

.Assigned to the Aaronites Jos 21:17

.The tabernacle located at 1Ki 3:4; 1Ch 16:39; 21:29; 2Ch 1:2,3,13

.Smitten by David 1Ch 14:16

.Seven sons of Saul killed at, to avenge the inhabitants of 2Sa 21:1-9

.Solomon worships at, and offers sacrifices 1Ki 3:4

.Has the dream concerning righteousness 1Ki 3:5; 9:2

.Abner slays Asahel at 2Sa 3:30

.Ishmael, the son of Nethaniah, defeated at, by Johanan Jer 41:11-16

–2. Pool of 2Sa 2:13; Jer 41:12

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