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A day for solemn trial 29
Advance, advance, ye hosts of God 24
All tribes and tongues together come 24
And must the cross attend my way 17
Angelic throngs unnumbered 10
A pilgrim I to Canaan flee 21
A weary pilgrim sat 28
But begun will be the singing 33
Cry, faithful messengers of God 9
Direct unto my God 20
Down to that gloomy stream 28
Emmanuel’s name 24
Far, far on the ocean 19
Fix a dwelling, Lord, in Goshen 25
Fly, Earth’s gaudy, fading trifles 13
From Edom whom see I returned 5
Hark, hark, methinks I hear a voice 30
Heedless soul of mine, bethink thee 10
Here I am a passing stranger 33
Here, behold, the seat of mercy 9
He who darts the wingèd lightning 26
How shall I my case discover 16
I am in the lone night waiting 22
If I, the sin-benighted 15
If there be holy contest 35
I had sought in the creation 12
I’ll spend my few remaining days 18
I look beyond the distant hills 22
In Eden—Memory e’er will tell 5
In the morning I expected 18
In thine abode 25
I see a myriad saved 33
I turn when afflicted with grief 8
It shall not long remain 27
I would sing Thy love, my Saviour 1
Jesus Christ is my creator 2
Jesus, my Saviour and my God 20
Let brethren cease 24
Lo, He comes on clouds of glory 30
Lord, hear my cry and see my case 14
Many dear ones are departed 31
My cup doth often while below 32
My gentle Lamb, O come to me 6
My Lord with his affliction 18
O that now mine eyes were fountains 26
O the weakness, O the folly 11
O seek a rock to build on 7
Rescue Zion, for thy praise 26
Rough our way and dark the night 5
Strange that I am not cut down 14
Sweet, sweet 17
Teach me Aaron’s thoughtful silence 15
Thorns had the Saviour of mankind 1
Though unseen, O Lord, I love thee 13
Thy bright, swift pinions, Dawn, had I 21
To all the tribes of earth 27
To thy regions, World-eternal 27
Toward heaven, my Father’s home, I steer 31
Unhappy soul, what sayest thou 11
What though the dark cloud 23
Who amid the swelling billows 7


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