Table of Contents



Part II. Anthropology

Chapter I. Origin of Man.

Chapter II. Nature of Man.

Chapter III. The Origin of the Soul.

Chapter IV. Unity of the Human Race.

Chapter V. Original State of Man.

Chapter VI. Covenant of Works.

Chapter VII. The Fall.

Chapter VIII. Sin.

Chapter IX. Free Agency.

Part III. Soteriology.

Chapter I. The Plan of Salvation.

Chapter II. The Covenant of Grace.

Chapter III. Person of Christ.

Chapter IV. The Mediatorial Work Of Christ.

Chapter V. Prophetic Office.

Chapter VI. Priestly Office.

Chapter VII. Satisfaction of Christ.

Chapter VIII. For Whom Did Christ Die?

Chapter IX. Theories of the Atonement.

Chapter X. Intercession of Christ.

Chapter XI. Kingly Office of Christ.

Chapter XII. Humiliation of Christ.

Chapter XIII. The Exaltation of Christ.

Chapter XIV. Vocation.


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