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O Welt, sieh hier dein Leben.--(Goed. 71.)128128For adaptations of this hymn cf. p. 137.


Cf. Koch IV, 161, 711, 787. First published in Crü. Praxis, 1648, no. 119, in 16 stanzas of 8 lines, reprinted in Wackernagel: no. 15; Bachmann: no. 8; Unv. L. S.: 43 1851, no. 113. Stanzas III-V were favorites with J. S. Bach and used by him in his St. Matthew and St. John Passion Music.129129Cf. p. 21.

English Versions:
1. Extended on a cursed tree.

A free translation in long metre by J. Wesley, of stanzas I, III, IV, VI, VIII-XI, XVI, in Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1740 (P. Works, 1868-72, Vol. I, p. 232), and thence in the Wesleyan H. Bk., 1780, and since in other hymn books of the Methodists. The translation of stanzas IX-XI, XVI, beginning "My Savior, how shall I proclaim" were included in the American Sabbath Hymn Book, 1858, and the Baptist Service of Song, Boston, 1871.

2. See, World, upon the bloody tree.

A translation by P. H. Molther of stanzas I-X in the Moravian H. Bk., 1742, 1754. In the 1789 and 1886 eds. it is altered to "See, World, upon the shameful tree." The hymn appears in several English hymn books in different abridged forms.

3. O, World! behold upon the tree.

A good translation omitting stanza VII, by Miss Winkworth, in the 2d Series, 1858, of her Lyra Ger., and thence in Schaff's Christ in Song ed. 1869, p. 174, and slightly altered and beginning:

"Lord, be Thy Cross before our sight."
In Kennedy, 1863.
4. Here, World, see thy Redeemer.

In the Suppl. to Ger. Psalmody, ed. 1765, p. 16.

5. O World! attention lend it.

J. Gambold, as no. 442 in pt. I of the Moravian H. Bk., 1754. Altered to "O World, see thy Creator." (1886, no. 94.)

6. O World! see thy life languish.

J. D. Burns, in the Family Treasury, 1859, pt. I, p. 54, also in his Memoir and Remains, 1869, p. 246.

7. See World! thy Life assailed.

J. Kelly, 1867, p. 54.

8. Here, World, thy great Salvation see.

Dr. J. Guthrie, 1869, p. 87.

9. O World! see here suspended.

In Reid's Praise Book, 1872, no. 1009.

10. Behold, O World, thy Life, thy Lord.

Dr. R. Maguire, 1883, p. 143.

Selected Stanzas:

J. Gambold in Part I of the 1734 edition of the Moravian Hymn Book.

1. O World! attention lend it,
Thy Life's on Cross suspended 44
Thy Healer sinks in death:
The sov'reign Prince of Glory
(Tis no fictitious story)
With Shame and torment yields his Breath.

P. H. Molther in Part I of the 1754 edition of the Moravian Hymn Book.

1. See, world, upon the bloody tree
Thy Life there sinks in Death,
Cover'd with Stripes and wounds for thee
Thy Savior yields his breath.
2. Behold his Body swims in blood;
Out of his tender Heart,
Deep sighs and Groans he sends to God
In his excessive smart.

Note in the above stanzas the inconsistencies in capitalization.

Miss Winkworth, in her Lyra Germanica, 1858.

1. Oh world! behold upon the tree
Thy Life is hanging now for thee,
Thy Savior yields His dying breath;
The mighty Prince of glory now
For thee doth unresisting bow
To cruel stripes, to scorn and death.

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