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A Song expressing their happinesse who have Communion with Christ.

When scorched with distracting care,

My minde finds out a shade

Which fruitlesse Trees, false fear, dispair

And melancoly made,

Where neither bird did sing

Nor fragrant flowers spring,

Nor any plant of use:

No sound of happynesse,

Had there at all ingresse,

Such comforts to produce,

But Sorrow there frequents,

The Nurce of Discontents,

And Murmering her Mayd

Whose harsh unpleasant noise

All mentall fruits destroyes

Whereby delight’s convayd.

Whereof my judgment being certifide

My mind from thence did move,

For her conception so to provide,

That it might not abortive prove,

VVhich fruit to signifie

It was conceaved by

Most true intelligence

Of this sweet truth divine

Who formed thee is thine, Esay. 54. 5

Whence sprang this inference;

He too, thats Lord of all

Will thee beloved call,

Though all else prove unkind;

Then chearfull may I sing

Sith I enjoy the Spring,

Though Sesterns dry I find.

For in our Vnion with the Lord alone,

Consists our happinesse.

Certainly such who are with Christ at one

He leaves not comfortlesse.

But come to them he will

Their Souls with joy to fill.

And them to Fortifie

Their works to undergo

And beare their Crosse also,

VVith much alacrity:

VVho his assisting grace

Do feelingly imbrace,

VVith confidence may say,

Through Christ that strengthens me

No thing so hard I see Phil. 4. 14

But what perform I may.

But when the Soul no help can see

Through sins interposicion,

Then quite forlorn that while is she,

Bewailling her condicion;

In which deplored case

Now such a Soul hath space,

To think how she delayd

Her Saviour to admit

Who shu’d to her for it,

And to this purpose sayd,

Open to me my Love,

My Sister, and my Dove, Can. 5

My Locks with dew wet are

Yet she remissive grew,

Till he himselfe with-drew

Before she was aware.

But tasting once how sweet he is,

And smelling his perfumes,

Long can she not his presence misse,

But griefe her strainth consumes:

For when he visits one

He cometh not alone,

But brings abundant grace

True Light, and Holynesse

And Spirit to expresse

Ones wants in every case;

For as he wisedome is,

So is he unto his

VVisedome and Purity, 1 Cor. 1.30

Which when he seemes to hide,

The soul missing her guide,

Must needs confused lie.

Then let them know, that would enjoy

The firme fruition,

Of his Sweet presence, he will stay

With single hearts alone,

Who but their former mate,

Doe quite exterminate:

With all things that defile

They that are Christs, truly,

The Flesh do Crucifie

With its affections vile Gal. 5.

Then grounds of truth are sought

New Principles are wrought

Of grace and holinesse,

Which plantings of the heart

Will spring in every part,

And so it selfe expresse.

Then shall the Soul like morning bright

Vnto her Lord appeare, Can. 6.10

And as the Moone when full of Light

So fayr is she and cleare,

With that inherent grace

Thats darted from the Face

Of Christ, that Sunne divine,

Which hath a purging power

Corruption to devour,

And Conscience to refine;

Perfection thus begun

As pure as the Sonne,

The Soul shall be likewise

With that great Blessednesse,

Imputed Righteoussenesse

Which freely Justifies.

They that are thus compleat with Grace

And know that they are so,

For Glory must set Sayle apace

Whilst wind doth fitly blow,

Now is the tide of Love,

Now doth the Angell move;

If that there be defect

That Soul which sin doth wound,

Here now is healing found,

If she no time neglect;

To whom shall be reveald

What erst hath been conceald,

When brought unto that Light,

Which in the Soul doth shine

When he thats most divine,

Declares his presence bright.

Then he will his beloved shew

The reason wherefore she

Is seated in a place so low,

Not from all troubles free;

And wherefore they do thrive

That wicked works contrive;

Christ telleth his also

For who as friends he takes

He of his Councell makes,

And they shall secrets know: Iohn 15.15

Such need not pine with cares

Seeing all things are theirs,

If they are Christs indeed; Cor. 3.21.

Therefore let such confesse

They are not comfortlesse,

Nor left in time of Need.

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