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Preliminary Remarks on “Essays and Reviews”

Seven Sermons

Subjects of the Sermons


Sermon I. The Study of the Bible Recommended; and a Method of Studying it Described.

Sermon II. Natural Science and Theological Science.

Sermon III. Inspiration of Scripture.—Gospel Difficulties.—The Word of God Infallible.—Other Sciences Subordinate to Theological Science.

Sermon IV. The Plenary Inspiration of Every Part of the Bible, Vindicated and Explained.—Nature of Inspiration.—The Text of Scripture.

Supplement to Sermon IV.

Sermon V. Interpretation of Holy Scripture.—Inspired Interpretation.—The Bible is Not to Be Interpreted Like Any Other Book.—God, (Not Man,) the Real Author of the Bible.

Sermon VI. The Doctrine of Arbitrary Scriptural Accommodation Considered.

Sermon VII. The Marvels of Holy Scripture,—Moral and Physical.—Jael’s Deed Defended.—Miracles Vindicated.

Appendix A. Bishop Horsley on the double sense of Prophecy.

Appendix B. Bishop Pearson on Theological Science.

Appendix C. The Bible an instrument of Man’s probation.

Appendix D. St. Stephen’s Statement in Acts vii. 15, 16, explained.

Appendix E. The simplest view of Inspiration the truest and the best.

Appendix F. The written and the Incarnate Word.

Appendix G. The volume of the Old Testament Scriptures, indivisible.

Appendix II. Some remarks.

Appendix I. Remarks on Theories of Inspiration.—The ‘Human Element.’

Appendix J. How the Inspired authors of the New Testament handle the writings of the Inspired authors of the Old.

Appendix K. Bishop Bull on Duet. xxx.

Appendix L. Opinions of Commentators concerning Accommodation.


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