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Verses 57-75. The trial of our Lord before the council, and the denial of Peter happening at the same time, might be related one before the other, according to the evangelists' pleasure. Accordingly, Matthew and Mark relate the trial first, and Peter's denial afterwards; Luke mentions the denial first, and John has probably observed the natural order. The parallel places are recorded in Mr 14:53-72; Lu 22:54-71; Joh 18:13-27.


Verse 57. To Caiaphas. John says, that they led him first to Annas, the father-in-law of Caiaphas. This was done, probably, as a mark of respect, he having been high priest, and perhaps distinguished for prudence, and capable of advising his son-in-law in a difficult case; and the Saviour was detained there probably until the chief priests and elders were assembled.

The High Priest. See Barnes "Mt 26:3".

John says, he was high priest for that year. Annas had been high priest some years before, in the time of our Saviour the office was frequently changed by the civil ruler. This Caiaphas had prophesied that it was expedient that one should die for the people. See Barnes "Joh 11:49,50.


The Scribes and the elders. The men composing the great council of the nation or sanhedrim. See Barnes "Mt 5:22.

It is not probable that they could be immediately assembled; and some part of the transaction respecting the denial of Peter probably took place while they were collecting.

{z} "And they" Mr 14:53; Lu 22:54; Joh 18:12

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