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Verse 56. Scriptures of the prophets. The writings of the prophets— for this is the meaning of the word scriptures. He alludes to those parts of the prophets which foretold his sufferings and death.

Then all the disciples, etc. Overcome with fear, when they saw their Master actually taken; alarmed with the terrific appearance of armed men, and torches in a dark night; and forgetting their promises not to forsake him, they all left their Saviour to go alone. Alas! how many, when attachment to Christ would lead them to danger, leave him, and also flee! Mark adds, that after the disciples had fled, a young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body, attempted to follow him. Probably he was the owner of the garden, and a friend of Jesus. Aroused by the noise from his repose, he came to defend the Saviour. He cast, in his hurry, a garment at hand round his body, and came to him. The young men among the Romans and Jews attempted to secure him also; but he escaped from them, and fled. See Barnes "Mr 14:50,51.


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