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I believe in Thee the Father;
Behold then, if Thou art a Father and
we sons,
as a father pitieth sons,
be Thou of tender‑mercy towards us,
O Lord.
I believe in Thee, the Lord;
behold then, if Thou art Lord and we
our eyes are upon Thee our Lord,
until Thou have mercy upon us.
I believe that though we be neither sons
nor servants,
but dogs only,
yet we have leave to eat of the crumbs
that fall from Thy Table.
I believe that Christ is the Lamb of
122O Lamb of God that takest away the
sins of the world,
take Thou away mine.
I believe that Jesus Christ came into
the world
to save sinners;
Thou who camest to save sinners
save Thou me, of sinners
chief and greatest,
I believe that Christ came to save what
was lost;
Thou who camest to save the lost,
never suffer, O Lord, that to be lost
which Thou hast saved.
I believe that the Spirit is the Lord and
Giver of life;
Thou who gavest me a living soul,
give me that I receive not my soul
in vain.
I believe that the Spirit gives grace
in His sacred things;
give me that I receive not His grace
in vain,
nor hope of His sacred things.
I believe that the Spirit intercedes for us
with plaints unutterable
123grant me of His intercession and those
to partake, O Lord.
Our fathers hoped in Thee,
they trusted in Thee, and Thou didst
deliver them.
They called upon Thee and were holpen,
they put their trust in Thee, and were not
As Thou didst our fathers
in the generations of old,
so also deliver us, O Lord,
who trust in Thee.

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