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[O Lord, remit].
all my failings, shortcomings, falls,
offences, trespasses, scandals,
transgressions, debts, sins,
faults, ignorances, iniquities,
impieties, unrighteousnesses, pollutions.

The guilt of them,
be gracious unto, pardon;
remit, forgive;
be propitious unto, spare;
impute not, charge not, remember not.
The stain,
pass by, pass over;
disregard, overlook;
hide, wash away;
blot out, cleanse.
The hurt,
remit, heal, remedy;
take off, remove, away with;
abolish, annul, disperse, annihilate;
that they be not found, that they exist not.
to faith, virtue;
to virtue, knowledge
to knowledge, continence;
to continence, patience;
to patience, godliness;
to godliness, brotherly love;
to brotherly love, charity.

That I forget not my cleansing from my
former sins,
but give diligence to make my calling
and election sure
through good works.

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