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O Lord, my Lord,
for my being, life, reason,
for nurture, protection, guidance,
for education, civil rights, religion,
for Thy gifts of grace, nature, fortune,
for redemption, regeneration, catechising,
for my call, recall, yea, many calls
for Thy forbearance, long‑suffering,
long long‑suffering
to me‑ward,
many seasons, many years; up to this
for all good things received,
successes granted me,
good things done;
for the use of things present,
for Thy promise, and my hope
of the enjoyment of good things to
for my parents honest and good,
teachers kind,
benefactors newer to be forgotten,
religious, intimates congenial,
101hearers thoughtful,
friends sincere,
domestics faithful,
for all who have advantaged me,
by writings, homilies, converse,
prayers, patterns, rebukes, injuries;
for all these, and all others
which I know, which I know not,
open, hidden,
remembered, forgotten,
done when I wished, when I wished not,
I confess to Thee and will confess,
I bless Thee and will bless,
I give thanks to Thee and will give
all the days of my life.
Who am I; or what is my father’s house,
that Thou shouldest look upon a dead
the like of me?
What reward shall I give unto the Lord
for all the benefits which He hath done
unto me?
What thanks can I recompense unto God,
for all He hath spared and borne with me
until now?
102Holy, Holy, Holy,
worthy art Thou,
O Lord and our God, the Holy One,
to receive the glory, and the honour,
and the power,
for Thou hast made all things,
and for Thy pleasure they are,
and were created.

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