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Let us beseech the Lord in peace,
for the heavenly peace,
and the salvation of our souls;—
for the peace of the whole world;
for the stability of God’s holy Churches,
and the union of them all;—
for this holy house,
and those who enter it with faith and
for our holy Fathers;
the honourable Presbytery,
the Diaconate in Christ,
and all, both Clergy and people;—
for this holy retreat, and all the city
and country,
and all the faithful who dwell
for salubrious weather,
fruitfulness of earth,
and peaceful times;—
for voyagers; travellers,
those who are in sickness, toil, and
and for their salvation.
99Aid, save, pity, and preserve them,
O God, in Thy grace.
Making mention
of the all‑holy, undefiled, and more than
Mary, Mother of God and Ever‑Virgin,
with all saints,
let us commend ourselves, and each other,
and all our life;
to Christ our God.
To Thee, O Lord, for it is fitting,
be glory, honour, and worship.
The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the communion of the Holy Ghost,
be with me, and with all of us. Amen.
I commend me and mine,
and all that belongs to me,
to Him who is able to keep me without
falling, and to place me immaculate
before the presence of His glory,
to the only wise God and our Saviour;
to whom be glory and greatness,
strength and authority,
both, now and for all ages. Amen.

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