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Thou.1111Vide p. 172, Edition of 1675. O Lord, art praised in Sion,
and unto Thee shall the vow be
performed in Jerusalem.
Thou art worthy, O Lord our God,
the Holy One,
to receive glory, and honour, and power.
Thou that hearest the prayer,
unto Thee shall all flesh come,
my flesh shall come.
My misdeeds prevail against me,
O be Thou merciful unto our sins;
that I may come and give thanks
with all Thy works,
and bless Thee with Thy holy ones.
O Lord, open Thou my lips,
and my mouth shall shew forth Thy
73My soul doth praise the Lord,
for the goodness He hath done
to the whole creation,
and to the whole race of men;
for Thy mercies towards myself,
soul, body, and estate,
gifts of grace, nature, and fortune;
for all benefits received,
for all successes, now or heretofore,
for any good thing done;
for health, credit, competency,
safety, gentle estate, quiet.
Thou hast not cut off as a weaver my life,
nor from day even to night made an end
of me.
He hath vouchsafed me life and breath
until this hour,
from childhood, youth, and hitherto
even unto age.
He holdeth our soul in life
and suffereth not our feet to slip;
rescuing me from perils, sicknesses,
poverty, bondage,
public shame, evil chances;
keeping me from perishing in my sins,
fully waiting my conversion,
74leaving in me return into my heart,
remembrance of my latter end,
shame, horror, grief,
for my past sins;
fuller and larger, larger and fuller,
more and still more, O my Lord,
storing me with good hope
of their remission,
through repentance and its works,
in the power of the thrice‑holy Keys,
and the mysteries in Thy Church.
Wherefore day by day
for these Thy benefits towards me,
which I remember,—
wherefore also for others very many
which I have let slip
from their number,
from my forgetfulness,—
for those which I wished, knew
and asked,
and those l asked not, knew not,
wished not,—
I confess and give thanks to Thee,
I bless and praise Thee, as, is fit,
and every day,
And I pray with my whole soul,
and with my whole mind I pray.
75Glory be to Thee, O Lord, glory to
glory to Thee,
and glory to Thine All-holy Name,
for all Thy Divine perfections in them;
for Thine incomprehensible and
unimaginable goodness,
and Thy pity towards sinners
and unworthy men,
and towards me of all sinners
far the most unworthy.
Yea, O Lord,
for this, and for the rest,
Glory to Thee,
and praise, and blessing,
and thanksgiving,
with the voices and concert of voices
of Angels and of men,
of all Thy saints in heaven,
and all Thy creatures in heaven or earth,
and of me, beneath their feet,
unworthy and wretched sinner,
Thy abject creature,
now, in this day and hour,
and every day till my last breath,
and till the end of the world,
and for ages upon ages.

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