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Hosanna on the earth.1010Continuation of the supplication broken by “Profession.” Vide p. 192, Edition of 1675.
Remember, O Lord,
to crown the year with Thy goodness;
for the eyes of all look towards Thee,
and Thou givest their food in due season.
Thou openest Thine hand,
and fillest all things living with
And on us, O Lord, vouchsafe
71the blessings of heaven
and the dew above,
blessings of fountains
and the deep beneath,
courses of sun, conjunctions of moons,
summits of eastern mountains,
of the everlasting hills,
fulness of the earth
and of produce thereof,
good seasons, wholesome weather,
full crops, plenteous fruits,
health of body, peaceful times,
mild government, kind laws,
wise councils, equal judgments,
loyal obedience, vigorous justice,
fertility in resources,
fruitfulness in begetting,
ease in bearing, happiness in offspring,
careful nurture, sound training,
That our sons may grow up as the young
our daughters as the polished corners
of the temple,
that our garners may be full and
with all manner of store,
72that our sheep may bring forth thousands
and ten thousands in our streets:
that there be no decay,
no leading into captivity
and no complaining in our streets.

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