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Hosanna in the highest.99Vide p. 186, Edition of 1675.
Remember me, O Lord,
with the favour that Thou bearest unto
Thy people,
O visit me with Thy salvation;
that I may see the felicity of Thy chosen,
67and rejoice in the gladness of Thy people,
and give thanks with Thine inheritance.
There is glory which shall be revealed;
for when the judge cometh
some shall see Thy face cheerful,
and shall be placed on the right,
and shall hear those most welcome
"Come, ye blessed."
They shall be caught up in clouds
to meet the Lord;
they shall enter into gladness,
they shall enjoy the sight of Him,
they shall be ever with Him.
'These alone, only these are blessed
among the sons of men.
O to me the meanest grant the meanest
there under their feet;
under the feet of Thine elect,
the meanest among them.
And that this may be;
let me find grace in Thy sight
to have grace; (Heb. xii. 28)
so as to serve Thee acceptably
with reverence and godly fear.
68Let me find that second grace,
not to receive in vain (2 Cor. vi. 1)
the first grace,
not to came short of it; (Heb. xii. 15)
yea, not to neglect it, (1Tim. iv. 14)
so as to fall from it, (Gal. v. 4.)
but to stir it up, (2 Tim. i. 6)
so as to increase in it, (2 Pet. iii. 18)
yea, to abide in it
till the end of my life.
And O, perfect for me what is lacking
of faith, of hopeof Thy gifts,
help Thou mine unbelief,
establish my trembling hope,
of lovekindle its smoking flax.
Shed abroad Thy love in my heart,
so that I may love Thee,
my friend in Thee, my enemy for Thee.
O Thou who givest grace to the humble‑minded,
also give me‑grace to be humble‑minded.
O Thou who never failest those who fear
my Fear and my Hope,
let me fear one thing only,
the fearing ought more than Thee.
69As I would that men should do to me
so may I do to them;
not to have thoughts beyond what I
should think,
but to have thoughts unto sobriety.
Shine on those who sit in darkness,
and the shadow of death;
guide our feet into the way of peace,
that we may have the same thoughts
one with another,
rightly to divide, rightly to walk,
to edify,
with one accord, with one mouth
to glorify God;
and if ought otherwise,
to walk in the same rule
as far as we have attained;
to maintain order,
decency and stedfastness.

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