LLOYD, WILLIAM: Bishop of Worcester; b. at Tilehurst (18 m. w. of Windsor), Berkshire, Aug. 18, 1627; d. at Hartleburg Castle (4 m. s. of Kidderminster), Worcester, Aug. 30, 1717. He studied at Oriel and at Jesus College, Oxford (B.A., 1642; M.A., 1646; B.D. and D.D., 1667), becoming a fellow of the latter college. He became a royal chaplain (1666), prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral (1667), vicar of St. Mary's, Reading, and archdeacon of Merioneth (1668), dean of Bangor and prebendary of St. Paul's (1672), vicar of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields (1677) and bishop of St. Asaph (1680). He was translated to the see of Lichfield and Coventry in 1692, and to the see of Worcester in 1700. He was one of the most indefatigable opponents of Romanism under James II, and was one of the seven bishops who were imprisoned in the Tower June 8-15, 1688, for protesting against the Second Declaration of Indulgence. With the other


bishops he was tried and acquitted June 29. He assisted at the crowning of William and Mary and shortly afterward became lord high almoner. He furnished material for Burnet's History of the Reformation of the Church of England (3 parts, London, 1679-1715), wrote many tracts, and also one valuable work, An Historical Account of Church Governmeat as it was in Great Britain and Ireland when they first Received the Christian Religion (London, 1684; reprinted in T. P. Pantin's edition of Stillingfleet's Origines Britannicae, vol. ii., Oxford, 1842).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: A valuable list of sources is appended to the article in DNB, xxxiii. 436-439. Consult: N. Salmon, Lives of the English Bishops, pp. 147-158. London, 1733; F. B. Howell, Complete Collection of State Trials, xii. 183-254, xiv. 545-580, ib. 1812; E. H. Plumptre, Life of Bishop Ken, i. 66, 140, 145, 293-316, ii. 1-10, 302, London, 1888; J. H. Overton, The Church in England, ii. 161 eqq., ib. 1897; W. H. Hutton, The English Church (1625-1714), pp. 227 sqq., ib. 1903.

LOBO, lo'bo, JERONIMO: Portuguese Jesuit missionary; b. in Lisbon 1593; d. there Jan. 29, 1678. After teaching for a time in the Jesuit college at Coimbra he went as a missionary to India in 1621, arriving at Goa in 1622. In 1625 he settled in Abyssinia as superintendent of missions in the kingdom of Tigre, but some years later he was driven from the country, along with the patriarch and other Jesuit missionaries (see ABYSSINIA AND THE ABYSSINIAN CHURCH, Historic general de Ethiopia a Alta (Coimbra, 1660), which has often been attributed to Lobo. Abbe; Legrand translated Lobo's work into French under the title Voyage historique de Abisainie (Paris, 1728), which was translated by Dr. Johnson as A Voyage to Abyssinia (London, 1735; new ed., 1887).


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