Note 028
From Chapter 67 of the Decline & Fall

Besides some valuable hints from Aeneas Sylvius, which are diligently collected by Spondanus, our best authorities are three historians of the xvth century, Philippus Callimachus (de Rebus a Vladislao Polonorum atque Hungarorum Rege gestis, libri iii. in Bel. Script. Rerum Hungaricarum, tom. i. p. 433 -518), Bonfinius (decad. iii. l. v. p. 460 - 467), and Chalcondyles (l. vii. p. 165 - 179). The two first were Italians, but they passed their lives in Poland and Hungary (Fabric. Bibliot. Latin. Med. et Infimae Aetatis, tom. i. p. 324. Vossius, de Hist. Latin. l. iii. c. 8, 11. Bayle, Dictionnaire, BONFINIUS). A small tract of Faelix Petancius, chancellor of Segnia (ad calcem Cuspinian. de Caesaribus, p. 716 - 722), represents the theatre of the war in the xvth century.

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