Note 015
From Chapter 67 of the Decline & Fall

Ricaut (in the Present State of the Ottoman Empire, p. 242 - 268) affords much information, which he drew from his personal conversation with the heads of the dervises, most of whom ascribed their origin to the time of Orchan. He does not mention the Zichidae of Chalcondyles (l. vii. p. 286), among whom Amurath retired: the Seids of that author are the descendants of Mahomet.

Extra note by the Rev. H. H. Milman ,1782 (Written), 1845 (Revised)— Gibbon has fallen into a remarkable error. The unmonastic retreat of Amurath was that of an epicurean rather than of a dervis; more like that of Sardanapalus than of Charles the Fifth. Profane, not divine, love was its chief occupation: the only dance, that described by Horace as belonging to the country, motus doceri gaudet Ionicos. See Von Hammer note, p. 652.

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