Note 094
From Chapter 47 of the Decline & Fall

On the subject of the three chapters, the original acts of the vth general council of Constantinople supply much useless, though authentic, knowledge, (Concil. tom. vi. p. 1 - 419.) The Greek Evagrius is less copious and correct (l. iv. c. 38) than the three zealous Africans, Facundus, (in his twelve books, de tribus capitulis, which are most correctly published by Sirmond,) Liberatus, (in his Breviarium, c. 22, 23, 24,) and Victor Tunnunensis in his Chronicle, (in tom. i. Antiq. Lect. Canisii, 330 - 334.) The Liber Pontificalis, or Anastasius, (in Vigilio, Pelagio, etc.,) is original Italian evidence. The modern reader will derive some information from Dupin (Bibliot. Eccles. tom. v. p. 189 - 207) and Basnage, (Hist. de l'Eglise, tom. i. p. 519 - 541;) yet the latter is too firmly resolved to depreciate the authority and character of the popes.

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