Note 060
From Chapter 38 of the Decline & Fall

The Franks, who probably used the mints of Treves, Lyons, and Arles, imitated the coinage of the Roman emperors, of seventy-two solidi, or pieces, to the pound of gold. But as the Franks established only a decuple proportion of gold and silver, ten shillings will be a sufficient valuation of their solidus of gold. It was the common standard of the barbaric fines, and contained forty denarii, or silver threepences. Twelve of these denarii made a solidus, or shilling, the twentieth part of the ponderal and numeral livre, or pound of silver, which has been so strangely reduced in modern France. See Le Blanc, Traite Historique des Monnoyes de France, p. 37-43, etc.

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