Note 056
From Chapter 38 of the Decline & Fall

In the composition of the Gothic war I have used the following materials, with due regard to their unequal value: Four epistles from Theodoric, king of Italy (Cassiodor. l. iii. Epist. 1-4, in tom. iv. p. 3-5), Procopius (de Bell. Goth. 1. i. c. 12, in tom. ii. p. 32, 33), Gregory of Tours (1. ii. c. 35, 36, 37, in tom. ii. p. 181-183), Jornandes (de Reb. Geticis, c. 58, in tom. ii. p. 28), Fortunatus (in Vit. St. Hilarii, in tom. iii. p. 380), Isidore (in Chron. Goth. in tom. ii. p. 702), the Epitome of Gregory of Tours (in tom. ii. p. 401), the author of the Gesta Francorum (in tom. ii. p. 553-555), the Fragments of Fredegarius (in tom. ii. p. 463), Aimoin (1. i. c. 20, in tom. iii. p. 41, 42), and Rorico (1. iv. in tom. iii. p. 14-l9).

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