Note 037
From Chapter 38 of the Decline & Fall

Regnum circa Rhodanum aut Ararium cum provincia Massiliensi retinebant. Greg. Turon. 1. ii. c. 32, in tom. ii. p. 178.

The province of Marseilles, as far as the Durance, was afterwards ceded to the Ostrogoths; and the signatures of twenty-five bishops are supposed to represent the kingdom of Burgundy, A.D. 519. (Concil. Epaon. in tom. iv. p. 104, 105.) Yet I would except Vindonissa. The bishop, who lived under the Pagan Alemanni, would naturally resort to the synods of the next Christian kingdom. Mascou (in his four first annotations) has explained many circumstances relative to the Burgundian monarchy.

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