Note 024
From Chapter 38 of the Decline & Fall

Gregory of Tours (1. ii. 30, 37, in tom. ii. p.176, 177, 182), the Gesta Francorum (in tom. ii. p. 551), and the epistle of Theodoric (Cassiodor. Variar. l. ii. Ep. 41, in tom. iv. p. 4) represent the defeat of the Alemanni. Some of their tribes settled in Rhaetia, under the protection of Theodoric, whose successors ceded the colony and their country to the grandson of Clovis. The state of the Alemanni under the Merovingian kings may be seen in Mascou (Hist. of the Ancient Germans, xi. 8 etc.; Annotation xxxvi.) and Guilliman (de Reb. Helvet. 1. ii. c. 10-12, p. 72-80).

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