Scope Of Chapter 8
Fall In The WestThe Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Of the state of Persia after the restoration of the monarchy by Artaxerxes; The Barbarians of the East and of the North, Revolutions of Asia, The Persian Monarchy restored by Artaxerxes, Reformation of the Magian Religion, Persian Theology, two Principles, Religious Worship, Ceremonies and moral Precepts, Encouragement of Agriculture, Power of the Magi, Spirit of Persecution, Establishment of the Royal Authority in the Provinces, Extent and Population of Persia, Recapitulation of the War between the Parthian and Roman Empires, Cities of Seleucia and Ctesiphon
216Conquest of Osrhoene by the Romans
230Artaxerxes claims the Provinces of Asia, and declares War against the Romans
233 Pretended Victory of Alexander Severus; More probable Account of the War
240 Character and Maxims of Artaxerxes; Military Power of the Persians — Infantry contemptible, Cavalry excellent
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