Scope Of Chapter 37
Fall In The West — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Origin, Progress, and Effects of the Monastic Life — Conversion of the Barbarians to Christianity and Arianism; Persecution of the Vandals in Africa — Extinction of Arianism among the Barbarians
Institution Of The Monastic Life
Origin of the Monks
Conversion Of The Barbarians
305Antony and the Monks of Egypt
341Propagation of the Monastic Life at Rome
328Hilarion in Palestine
360Basil in Pontus
370Martin in Gaul; Causes of the rapid Progress of the Monastic Life; Obedience of the Monks; Their Dress and Habitations; Their Diet— Their manual Labour; Their Riches— Their Solitude; Their Devotion and Visions; The Caenobites and Anachorets
395-451Simeon Stylites; Miracles and Worship of the Monks; Superstition of the Age
360,etcUlphilas, Apostle of the Goths
The Goths, Vandals, Burgundians, etc., embrace Christianity; Motives of their Faith; Effects of their Conversion— They are involved in the Arian Heresy; General Toleration— Arian Persecution of the Vandals
530Gelimer; A general view of the Persecution in Africa— Catholic Frauds— Miracles
500-700The Ruin of Arianism among the Barbarians
577-584Revolt and Martyrdom of Hermenegild in Spain
586-589Conversion of Recared and the Visigoths of Spain
600, etcConversion of the Lombards of Italy
612-712Persecution of the Jews in Spain
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