Scope Of Chapter 27
Fall In The West — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Death of Gratian—Ruin of Arianism—St. Ambrose— First Civil War, against Maximus—Character, Administration, and Penance of Theodosius—Death of Valentinian II— Second Civil War, against Eugenius— Death of Theodosius
379-383Character and Conduct of the Emperor Gratian— His Defects
383 Discontent of the Roman Troops— Revolt of Maximus in Britain
383 Flight and Death of Gratian
383-387 Treaty of Peace between Maximus and Theodosius
380 Baptism and Orthodox Edicts of Theodosius
340-380 Arianism of Constantinople
378 Gregory Nazianzen accepts the Mission of Constantinople
380 Ruin of Arianism at Constantinople
381 Ruin of Arianism in the East— The Council of Constantinople
Retreat of Gregory Nazianzen
380-394 Edicts of Theodosius against the Heretics
385 Execution of Priscillian and his Associates
374-397 Ambrose, Archbishop of Milan
385 His successful Opposition to the Empress Justina
387 Maximus invades Italy— Flight of Valentinian
Theodosius takes arms in the Cause of Valentinian
388Defeat and Death of Maximus
Virtues of Theodosius— Faults of Theodosius
387 The Sedition of Antioch, Clemency of Theodosius
390 Sedition and Massacre of Thessalonica
380 Influence and Conduct of Ambrose
390Penance of Theodosius
388-391 Generosity of Theodosius
391 Character of Valentinian
392 His Death
392-394Usurpation of Eugenius, Theodosius prepares for War
394 His Victory over Eugenius
395 Death of Theodosius; Corruption of the Times
The Infantry lay aside their Armour
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