Scope Of Chapter 16 From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Conduct of the Roman government towards the Christians, from the reign of Nero to that of Constantine — Christianity persecuted by the Roman Emperors — Inquiry into their Motives; Rebellious Spirit of the Jews — Toleration of the Jewish Religion — The Jews were a People which followed, the Christians a Sect which deserted, the Religion of their Fathers ; Christianity accused of Atheism, and mistaken by the People and Philosophers — The Union and Assemblies of the Christians considered as a dangerous Conspiracy—   Their Manners calumniated — Their imprudent Defence; Idea of the Conduct of the Emperors towards the Christians — They neglected the Christians as a Sect of Jews; The Fire of Rome under the Reign of Nero — Cruel Punishment of the Christians as the Incendiaries of the City; Remarks on the Passage of Tacitus relative to the Persecution of the Christians by Nero ; Oppression of the Jews and Christians by Domitian — Execution of Clemens the Consul — Ignorance of Pliny concerning the Christians ; Trajan and his Successors establish a legal Mode of proceeding against them — Popular Clamours — Trials of the Christians; Humanity of the Roman Magistrates — Inconsiderable Number of Martyrs — Example of Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, His Danger and Flight
257His Banishment— His Condemnation— His Martyrdom; Various Incitements to Martyrdom; Ardour of the first Christians— Gradual Relaxation; Three Methods of escaping Martyrdom; Alternatives of Severity and Toleration; The Ten Persecutions; Supposed Edicts of Tiberius and Marcus Antoninus
180State of the Christians in the Reigns of Commodus and Severus
211 — 249Of the Successors of Severus
244 Of Maximin, Philip, and Decius
252 — 260 Of Valerian, Gallienus, and his Successors
260 Paul of Samosata, his Manners
270He is degraded from the See of Antioch
274The Sentence is executed by Aurelian

Peace and Prosperity of the Church under Diocletian; Progress of Zeal and Superstition among the Pagans; Maximian and Galerius punish a few Christian soldiers; Galerius prevails on Diocletian to begin a general Persecution
303Demolition of the Church of Nicomedia; The first Edict against the Christians; Zeal and Punishment of a Christian; Fire of the Palace of Nicomedia imputed to the Christians; Execution of the first Edict; Demolition of the Churches; Subsequent Edicts

General Idea of the Persecution; In the Western Provinces, under Constantius and Constantine; In Italy and Africa, under Maximian and Severus; Under Maxentius; In Illyricum and the East, under Galerius and Maximian
311Galerius publishes an Edict of Toleration; Peace of the Church; Maximin prepares to renew the Persecution
313End of the Persecutions; Probable Account of the Sufferings of the Martyrs and Confessors; Number of Martyrs; Conclusion
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