Scope Of Chapter 11
From The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire In The West by Edward Gibbon

Reign of Claudius — Defeat of the Goths — Victories, Triumph, and Death of Aurelian
268 Aureolus invades Italy, is defeated, and besieged at Milan; Death of Gallienus; Character and Elevation of the Emperor Claudius; Death of Aureolus; Clemency and Justice of Claudius; He undertakes the Reformation of the Army
269The Goths invade the Empire; Distress and Firmness of Claudius; His Victory over the Goths
270Death of the Emperor, who Recommends Aurelian for his Successor; The attempt and Fall of Quintilius; Origin and Services of Aurelian; Aurelian's successful Reign; His Severe Discipline; He concludes a Treaty with the Goths; He resigns to them the Province of Dacia; Alemannic War; Alemanni invade Italy; vanquished by Aurelian
271Superstitious Ceremonies; Fortifications of Rome; Aurelian suppresses the two Usurpers; Succession of Usurpers in Gaul; Reign and Defeat of Tetricus
272Character of Zenobia; Her Beauty and Learning; Her Valour; She revenges her Husband's Death; She reigns over the East and Egypt; The Expedition of Aurelian; The Emperor defeats the Palmyrenians in the Battles of Antioch and Emesa; The State of Palmyra; It is besieged by Aurelian
273Aurelian becomes Master of Zenobia, and of the City; Behaviour of Zenobia; Rebellion and Ruin of Palmyra; Aurelian suppresses the Rebellion of Firmus in Egypt
274Triumph of Aurelian; His Treatment of Tetricus and Zenobia; His Magnificence and Devotion; He suppresses a Sedition at Rome; Observations upon it; Cruelty of Aurelian
275He marches into the East, and is Assassinated
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