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THIS second volume contains the first of the three forms under which Dr. Wuttke treats of the subject-matter of Christian Ethics. It embraces and occupies the entire ethical field. Its aim is to treat each phase and bearing of the moral life from a normal or ideal stand-point; in other words, to present the moral life as God originally willed, and yet wills, that it should be. It involves in its scope, therefore, all the essential principles of the system of the author, and constitutes a whole in and of itself.

As to the scientific character of the work, and as to whether it answers wants which are but very imperfectly met by any of our present English treatises; in a word, as to whether the work of Dr. Wuttke finds before it, in the English-reading world, a comparatively unoccupied and yet very important field, I beg leave to refer the reader chiefly and ultimately to the work itself, but also, preliminarily, to the special ivintroduction to this volume, for which I am thankfully indebted to Dr. W. F. Warren, of the Boston University. Frank and earnest words like these from this distinguished scholar and theologian will, I am sure, not fail to arrest the attention of whoever thirsts after clear and truly Christian views on the great problems of human life.

J. P. L.

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