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Another crusading song, which was very widely used on pilgrimages in these days, was sung to a melody which has been preserved to the present 43 time, by its connexion with one of Luther's hymns;77That on the Ten Commandments. it is this:--


In Gotes namen faren wir

Now in the name of God we go,

His grace be round us evermo;

God's strength be with us every hour

And fill us with His mighty power.

Kyrie eleison.

And may the Holy Cross be still

Our shield from every ghostly ill,

The Cross where Christ endured such woe;

O thence shall all our gladness flow!

Kyrie eleison.

And also from the Holy Tomb,

Where He Himself lay wrapped in gloom,

With the five wounds He deigned to bear;

Rejoicing, let us onward fare

Toward thee, Jerusalem.

Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison!

O help us now, Thou Holy Ghost,

O Thou most blessed Voice of God,

To tread with joy the toilsome road

Toward thee, Jerusalem!

Kyrie eleison!

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