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Jehovah, hoher Gott, von Macht und Stärke


trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Jehovah, God of boundless strength and might,

How great Thy glory, Lord, in all the earth!

How wondrously Thy wisdom guides aright

The creatures all to whom Thy Word gave birth!

Thou only art the Lord for evermore,

Perfection absolute alone art Thou,

Worthy alone that heaven and earth should bow

Before Thy throne, and awe-struck Thee adore.

The hosts of heaven proclaim Thee wise and just,

And every flower that blooms beside our ways,

Each tiny worm that creeps along the dust,

Or murmuring forest-bough, declares Thy praise!

Alas! that man for whom these all were made,

Himself his Maker's master-piece,--that he

So slow to praise and gratitude should be,

So apt to rest in what must pass and fade!


Ah who would dare rebel against Thee here?

Who pride himself on gifts that are not his?

Who fail to worship Thee in lowly fear?

Nor trust the care that cannot guide amiss?

Hath man once owned Thy great Omnipotence,

Mistrust and doubt he then can cast aside

And in humility and hope abide,

Though clouds may veil Thy ways from sight and sense.

Before Thy power the hills and valleys shake,

The winds and waves are silent at Thy word;

The devils hear it, and with fear they quake,

While all the heavens to quicker joy are stirred.

O'er countless worlds Thou, mighty King, dost reign!

And yet in me dost condescend to dwell;

Must not Thy presence every fear dispel,

Or could I trust Thy power, my God, in vain?

Eternal Being! Perfect Purity!

Exalted evermore, Thou triune God!

What am I, Lord of Hosts, compared to Thee?

How canst Thou choose my heart for Thine abode?

I cast me down before Thee in the dust,

Low at Thy feet a withered leaf I lie,

Yet Thou dost bid me with Thy hosts on high

Sing of Thy praise, look up to Thee and trust.

Would I could praise Thee with an angel's tongue!

By all that lives and breathes below, above,

In earth and heaven, O be Thy praises sung,

And teach my heart Thee, only Thee, to love!

O Lord of Hosts, fill Thou my every thought,

In all things let me seek Thy glory first,

All idol-worship be to me accurst,

For Thou art God alone, and I am nought.

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