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Erscheine allen auserwählten

Bohemian Brethren

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Lord, to Thy chosen ones appear,

Gladden weak hearts weighed down by fear,

Let Thy Word's light, a guiding Star,

Arise on those who dwell afar.

Let none who seek Thee faint or tire,

But still press on with warm desire,

Shunning whate'er Thou dost condemn,

That Satan have no part in them.

Bid them Thy easy yoke to know,

Patient alike in joy and woe;

In spirit, soul, and body still

Wholly surrendered to Thy will.

We yield, O Thou true Life, to Thee,

Wealth, honour, all things, utterly,

Fixing our hearts on Thee alone;

O God Supreme, be Thou our own!

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