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Sollt' ich mich denn täglich kränken

Philip Jacob Spener

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Shall I o'er the future fret,

And the past for aye regret?

Shall I ne'er at evening close

Smiling eyes in calm repose?

Shall the thought be ne'er forgot,

What may be my future lot?

Since these torturing cares are vain,

And their end can ne'er attain.

God hath kept me hitherto;

Can He cease, then, to be true?

Why should I just now despair,

Can He weary of His care?

Hence, tormenting terrors, hence!

God shall be my confidence;

Let Him lead me as He will,

O my soul, and be thou still.

Whatsoe'er my heart hath planned,

He alone can understand

What is good and well for me,

What will really hurtful be;

If I will but let Him choose,

No true good I e'er shall lose,

But self-will and busy thought

Oft mistaken paths have sought

If obscure my place and low,

I will bid my proud heart know

'Tis the safer from a fall,

Free from cares that vex and thrall.

Or if God would have me great,

I accept my high estate,

He the needful powers will give

Worthily to Him to live.


If He send within my door

Worldly wealth unknown before,

May He also let me find

Wealth of soul and heart and mind;

Or if poverty be sent,

I can still be well content,

For a rich eternity

Well I know is waiting me.

If my God should health bestow,

Zealously I strive to show

How I thank Him, how my aim

Is to spread His glorious Name;

And when sickness comes again,

May His Spirit 'mid my pain

Whisper, "There is blessing true

In this bitter medicine too."

If I number many a year

In life's ever-vexed career,

Oft my heart will find a day

When awhile it may be gay;

Or if soon the end shall come,

I am but the sooner home,

Freed from all my sorrows' load,

Happy with my Lord and God.

So to God I leave it all;

Whatsoe'er may here befall,

Joy or trial, life or death,

I receive it all in faith,

And this anxious heart of mine

Learns to trust its Guide Divine,

Since it well hath understood

All things work the Christian good.

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