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Ich hab' ergeben Herz und Sinn

Paul Gerhardt

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

To God's all-gracious heart and mind

My heart and mind I yield;

In seeming loss my gain I find,

In death, life stands revealed.

I am His own whose glorious throne

In highest heaven is set;

Beneath His stroke or sorrow's yoke

His heart upholds me yet.

There is but one thing cannot fail,

That is my Father's love;

A sea of troubles may assail

My soul,--'tis but to prove

And train my mind, by warnings kind,

To love the Good through pain;

When firm I stand, full soon His hand

Can raise me up again.

Yet oft we think, is aught withdrawn

That flesh and blood desire,

Our joy is lost, o'ercast our dawn,

And faith and courage tire;

With toil and care our hearts we wear,

O'er our lost hope we brood;

Nor think that all that doth befall

Is meant to work our good.


But where God rules it must be so,

It must bring joy again;

What now we deem but cross and woe

Shall turn to comfort then.

Have patience still, His gracious will

Through thickest clouds shall gleam;

Then torturing fears, and hopeless tears,

Shall vanish like a dream.

The field can never bear its fruits,

Save winter storm and freeze;

Man's goodness withers at its roots

In days of constant ease;

The bitter draught of aloes quaffed,

Health tints the cheeks once more;

So to our heart can sorrow's smart

New energy restore.

Then, O my God, with joy I cast

My load of care on Thee;

Take me, and while this life shall last

Do as Thou wilt with me.

Send weal or woe, as Thou shalt know

Will teach me their true worth,

And fit me best to stand their test,

And show Thy glory forth.

If happy sunshine be Thy gift,

With joy I take it, Lord;

If o'er dark stormy seas I drift,

I hear Thy guiding word;

If lengthened life, with blessings rife,

Before my feet be spread,

So Thou my Guide wilt still abide,

With joy that path I tread.


But must I walk the vale of death

Through sad and sunless ways,

I pass along in quiet faith,

Thy glance my fear allays;

Through the dark land my Shepherd's hand

Leads to an end so bright,

That I shall there with praise declare

That all God's ways are right!

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