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In Jesu Wunden schlaf ich ein

Paul Eber

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

I fall asleep in Jesu's arms,1515Literally, "I fall asleep in Jesu's wounds." Similar expressions are common in the mediaeval hymns, and in some of the later Roman Catholic ones. In the Evangelical hymns they occur much less frequently, and chiefly among the earlier Moravians.

Sin washed away, hushed all alarms,

For His dear blood, His righteousness,

My jewels are, my glorious dress,

Wherein before my God I stand

When I shall reach the heavenly land.

With peace and joy I now depart,

God's child I am with all my heart;

I thank thee, Death, thou leadest me

To that true life where I would be.

So cleansed by Christ I fear not Death,

Lord Jesu, strengthen Thou my faith!

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