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Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity.

And when the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not!

From the Gospel. [Lk. 7:13]


Lass dich Gott

Anton Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick. 1667.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Leave all to God,

Forsaken one, and stay thy tears;

For the Highest knows thy pain,

Sees thy sufferings and thy fears

Thou shalt not wait His help in vain,

Leave all to God.


Be still and trust!

For His strokes are strokes of love,

Thou must for thy profit bear;

He thy filial fear would move,

Trust thy Father's loving care,

Be still and trust!

Know, God is near!

Though thou think Him far away,

Though His mercy long have slept,

He will come and not delay,

When His child enough hath wept,

For God is near!

O teach Him not

When and how to hear thy prayers;

Never doth our God forget,

He the cross who longest bears

Finds his sorrows' bounds are set,

Then teach Him not.

If thou love Him,

Walking truly in His ways,

Then no trouble, cross or death,

E'er shall silence faith and praise;

All things serve thee here beneath,

If thou love God!

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