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Twelfth Sunday after Trinity.

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as if of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God.

From the Epistle. [2 Cor. 3:5]


Wer sich auf seiner Schwachkeit steurt

Marperger. 1713.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Who seeks in weakness an excuse,

His sins will vanquish never;

Unless he heart and mind renews,

He is deceived for ever.

The strait and narrow way,

That shines to perfect day,

He hath not found, hath never trod;

Little he knows, I ween,

What prayer and conflict mean

To one who hath the light of God.

In what the world calls weakness lurks

The very strength of evil,

Full mightily it helps the works

Of our great foe the devil.

Awake, my soul, awake,

Thy refuge quickly take

With Him, the Almighty, who can save;

One look from Christ thy Lord

Can sever every cord

That binds thee now, a wretched slave.


Know, the first step in Christian lore

Is to depart from sin;

True faith will leave the world no more

A place thy heart within.

Thy Saviour's Spirit first

The heavy bonds must burst,

Wherein Death bound thee in thy need;

Then the freed spirit know

What strength He gives to those

Who with their Lord are risen indeed.

And why Thy Spirit, Lord, began

Help Thou with inner might!

Earth has no better gift for man

Than strength and love of right.

Oh make Thy followers just

Who look to Thee in trust,

Thy strength and justice let us know;

Our souls through Thee would wear

The power of grace, most fair

Of all the jewels faith can show.

Strong Son of God, break down Thy foes,

So shall we conquer ours;

Strong in the might from Thee that flows,

We mourn not lack of powers,

E'er since that from above,

The witness of Thy love

Thy Spirit cam, and doth abide

With us, dispelling fear

And falsehood, that we here

May fight and conquer on Thy side.


Give strength, whene'er our strength must fail;

Give strength the flesh to curb;

Give strength when craft and sin prevail

To weaken and disturb.

The world doth lay her snares

To catch us unawares,

Give strength to sweep them all away;

So in our utmost need,

And when death comes indeed,

Thy strength shall be our perfect stay.

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