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Mein Gott in deine Hände

Hiller. 1765.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

My God, to Thee I now commend

My soul; for Thou, O Lord,

Dost live and love me without end,

And wilt perform Thy word.

To whom else should I make my plea,

That heavenly life be mine?

All souls, my God, belong to Thee,

My soul is also Thine.

Thou gav'st my spirit at my birth,

Take back what Thou hast given;

And with the Lord I served on earth,

Grant me to live in heaven.


Faith spreads her wings, she sees revealed

The shining walls above;

My spirit knows that she is sealed,

Redeemed from death by love.

Thou my Deliverer wast of yore,

From sin Thou mad'st me free,

Now, faithful God, dost Thou once more

In death deliver me.

Thou liv'st and lovest without end,

And dost perform Thy word;

My passing soul I now commend

To Thee, my God and Lord!

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