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Eleventh Sunday after Trinity.

In Thy presence is fulness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalm 16:12


Wie wohl ist mir o Freund der Seelen

Wolfgang C. Deszler. 1692.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

O Friend of Souls, how well is me,

Whene'er Thy love my spirit calms!

From sorrow's dungeon forth I flee,

And hide me in Thy shelt'ring arms.

The night of weeping flies away

Before the heart-reviving ray

Of love, that beams from out Thy breast;

Here is my heaven on earth begun;

Who were not joyful had he won

In Thee, O God, his joy and rest!

The world may call herself my foe,

So be it; for I trust her not,

E'en though a friendly face she show,

And with her bounties heap my lot.

In Thee alone will I rejoice,

Thou art the Friend, Lord, of my choice,

For Thou art true when friendships fail;

'Mid storms of woe Thy truth is still

My anchor; hate me as it will,

The world shall o'er me ne'er prevail.


Through deserts of the cross Thou leadest,

I follow leaning on Thy hand;

From out the clouds Thy child Thou feedest,

And giv'st him water from the sand.

I know Thy wondrous ways will end

In love and blessing, Thou true Friend,

Enough if Thou art ever near!

I know, whom Thou wilt glorify,

And raise o'er sun and stars on high,

Thou lead'st through depths and darkness here.

To others Death seems dark and grim,

But not, Thou Life of life, to me;

I know Thou ne'er forsakest him

Whose heart and spirit rest in Thee.

Oh who would fear his journey's close,

If from dark woods and lurking foes,

He then found safety and release?

Nay, rather with a joyful heart

From this dark region I depart

To Thy eternal light and peace.

O Friend of souls, then well indeed

Is me, when on Thy love I lean!

The world, nor pain, nor death I heed,

Since Thou, my God, my joy hast been.

Oh let this peace that Thou hast given

Be but a foretaste of Thy heaven,

For goodness infinite is Thine.

Hence, world, with all thy flattering toys!

In God alone be all my joys;

Oh rich delight, my Friend is mine!

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