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Wednesday in Passion Week.

Now once in the end of the world hath He appeared, to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

From the Epistle. [Heb. 9:26]


Wenn meine Sünd' mich kränken

Gesenius. 1646.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

When sorrow and remorse

Prey at my heart, to Thee

I look, who on the holy cross

Was slain for me.

Ah Lord, Thy precious blood was spilt

For me, O most unworthy,

To take away my guilt.

Oh wonder past belief!

Behold the Master spares

His servants, and sore pain and grief

For them He bears.

God stoopeth from His throne on high,

For me His guilty creature,

He deigns as man to die.

Thou countless were the sins

That weighed me to the dust,

Christ's death for me the favour wins

Of God most just.

His precious blood my debts hath paid,

Of hell and all its torments

I am no more afraid.

My heart is filled with ruth,

Thinking on all Thou'st borne,

How mighty love and tender truth

Were crowned with thorn.

In songs of thanks I'll spend my breath

For Thy sad cry, Thy sufferings,

Thy wrongs, Thy guiltless death.


Thy Passion, Lord, inspires

My spirit day by day,

With strength from all low dark desires

To flee away.

This thought I fain would cherish most,

What pain my soul's redemption

To Thee, O Saviour, cost.

Whate'er the burden be,

The cross upon me laid,

Or want or shame, I look to Thee,

Be Thou mine aid.

Give patience, give me strength to take

Thee for my bright example,

And all the world forsake.

Let me to others do,

As thou hast done to me,

Love them with love unfeigned and true,

Their servant be

Of willing heart, nor seek my own,

But as Thou, Lord, hast helped us,

From purest love alone.

And let Thy sorrows cheer

My soul when I depart;

Give strength to cast away all fear,

And tell my heart

That since my trust is in Thy grace,

Thou wilt accept me yonder,

Where I shall see Thy face.

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