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Tuesday in Passion Week.

By the which will we are sanctified, through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Heb. 10:10


Jesu deine tiefen Wunden

Heermann. 1644.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Lord! Thy death and passion give

Strength and comfort at my need,

Every hour while here I live

On Thy love my soul shall feed.

Doth some evil thought upstart?

Lo, Thy cross defends my heart,

Shows the peril, and I shrink

Back from loitering on the brink.

Doth my carnal nature yearn

After wanton joys? again

Quickly to Thy cross I turn,

And her voice is heard in vain.

Cometh strong temptation's hour,

When my foe puts forth his power?

Sheltered by this holy shield,

Soon I drive him from the field.

Would the world my steps entice

To yon wide and level road,

Filled with mirth and pleasant vice?

Lord, I think upon the load

Thou didst once for me endure,

And I fly all thoughts impure;

Thinking on Thy bitter pains,

Hushed in prayer my heart remains.


Yes, Thy cross hath power to heal

All the wounds of sin and strife,

Lost in Thee my heart doth feel

Sudden warmth and nobler life.

In my saddest, darkest grief,

Let Thy sweetness bring relief,

Thou who camest but to save,

Thou who fearedst not the grave!

Lord, in Thee I place my trust,

Thou art my defence and tower;

Death Thou treadest in the dust,

O'er my soul he hath no power.

That I may have part in Thee,

Help and save and comfort me,

Give me of Thy grace and might,

Resurrection, life and light.

Fount of Good, within me dwell,

For the peace Thy presence sheds

Keeps us safe in conflict fell,

Charms the pain from dying beds.

Hide me close within Thine arm,

Where no foe can hurt or harm;

Whoso, Lord, in Thee doth rest,

He hath conquered, he is blest.

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