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First sunday in Advent

The night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light

From the Epistle. [Rom. 13:12]


Hüter, wird die Nacht der Sünden

Richter. 1704.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

O Watchman, will the night of sin

Be never past?

O watchman, doth the tarrying day begin

To dawn upon thy straining sight at last?

Will it dispel

Ere long the mists of sin wherein I dwell?

Now all the earth is bright and glad

With the fresh morn;

But all my heart is cold and dark and sad;

Sun of the soul, let me behold Thy dawn!

Come, Jesus, Lord!

Oh quickly come, according to Thy word!


Do we not live in those blest days

So long foretold,

When Thou shouldst come to bring us light and grace?

And yet I sit in darkness as of old,

Pining to see

Thy glory; but Thou still art far from me.

Long since Thou camest for the light

Of all men here;

And still in me is nought but blackest night,

Yet I am thine, Oh hasten to appear,

Shine forth and bless

My soul with vision of Thy righteousness!

If thus in darkness ever left,

Can I fulfil

The works of light, while yet of light bereft?

Or how discern in love and meekness still

To follow Thee,

And all the sinful works of darkness flee?

The light of reason cannot give

Light to my soul;

Jesus alone can make me truly live,

One glance of His can make my spirit whole,

Arise and shine,

O Jesus, on this longing heart of mine!

Single and clear, not weak or blind,

The eye must be,

To which Thy glory shall and entrance find;

For if Thy chosen ones would gaze on Thee,

No earthly screen

Between their souls and Thee must intervene.


Jesus, do Thou mine eyes unseal,

And let them grow

Quick to discern whate'er thou dost reveal,

So shall I be deliver'd from that woe,

Blindly to stray

Through hopeless night, while all around is day.

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