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Herr Jesus Christ, wahr Mensch und Gott

Paul Eber. 1557.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Lord Jesus Christ, true Man and God,

Who borest anguish, scorn, the rod,

And diedst at last upon the tree,

To bring Thy Father's grace to me;

I pray Thee through that bitter woe,

With me, a sinner, mercy know.


When comes the hour of failing breath,

And I must wrestle, Lord, with death,

When from my sight all fades away,

And when my tongue no more can say,

And when mine ears no more can hear,

And when my heart is racked with fear;

When all my mind is darkened o'er,

And human help can do no more,

Then come, Lord Jesus, come with speed,

And help me in my hour of need,

Lead me from this dark vale beneath,

And shorten then the pangs of death.

All evil spirits drive away,

But let Thy Spirit with me stay

Until my soul the body leave;

Then in Thy hands my soul receive,

And let the earth my body keep,

Till the Last day shall break its sleep.

Joyful my resurrection be,

Thou in the Judgment plead for me,

And hide my sins, Lord, from Thy face,

And give me Life of Thy dear grace!

I trust Thee utterly, my Lord,

For Thou hast promised in Thy Word:


"In truth I tell you, who receives

My word, and keeps it, and believes,

Shall never fall God's wrath beneath,

Shall never taste eternal death;

Though here on earth, in time, he die,

He is not therefore lost; for I

Will come, and with a mighty hand

Will break away Death's strongest band,

And lift him hence that he shall be

For ever in my realm with Me,

For ever living there in bliss."

Ah let us not that glory miss!

Dear Lord, forgive us all our guilt,

Help us to wait until Thou wilt

That we depart; and let our faith

Be brave and conquer e'en in death,

Firm resting on Thy sacred Word,

Until we sleep in Thee, our Lord.

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