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Xmas Day

And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

From the Gospel. [Jn. 1:14]


Du wesentliches Wort

Laurenti. 1700.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

O Thou essential Word,

Who from eternity

Didst dwell with God, for thou wast God,

Who art ordained to be

The Saviour of our race;

Welcome indeed Thou art,

Blessed Redeemer, Fount of Grace,

To this my longing heart!

Come, self-existant Word,

And speak within my heart,

That from the soul where Thou art heard

Thy peace may ne'er depart.

Thou Light that lightenest all,

Abide through faith in me,

And let me never from Thee fall,

And seek no guide but Thee.

Why didst Thou leave Thy throne,

O Jesus, what could bring

Thee to a world where e'en Thine own

Knew not their rightful King?

Thy love beyond all thought

Stronger than Death or Hell,

And my deep woe, this wonder wrought,

That Thou on earth dost dwell.


Then help me, Lord, to give

My whole heart unto Thee,

That all my life while here I live

One song of praise may be.

Yes, Jesus, form anew

This stony heart of mine,

And let it e'en in death be true

To Thee, for ever Thine.

Let nought be left within

But cometh of Thy hand;

Root quickly out the weeds of sin,

My cunning foe withstand.

From Thee comes nothing ill,

'Tis he doth sow the tares;

Make plain my path before me still,

And save me from his snares.

Thou art the Life, O Lord!

Sole Light of Life Thou art!

Let not Thy glorious rays be poured

In vain on my dark heart.

Star of the East, arise!

Drive all my clouds away,

Guide me till earth's dim twilight dies

Into the perfect day!

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